Monier Roofing collaborated with MAKE Architecture at Melbourne Indesign on a creative display that showcased the unique qualities of terracotta to visitors.

A proven roofing material, terracotta is timeless, natural and beautiful. Monier Roofing and MAKE Architecture sought to communicate these unique qualities to visitors through a sensory experience. The Monier display featured raw tiles of soft clay, which were made available for visitors to create their own special something. The display aimed to reconnect the design community with the natural beauty and tactile nature of terracotta through a hands-on, creative and sensual experience.

A winner of the 2013 Think Brick: Raise the Roof - Rethink Roof Tiles Award, MAKE already had a relationship with terracotta roof tiles as well as some exciting and innovative ideas about how terracotta could be used. Monier’s Melbourne Indesign display was a spatial installation that re-imagined and embraced the beauty of terracotta as a roofing material.

In addition to its long lasting, maintenance-free and durable qualities, a terracotta roof tile will never fade in colour. A sustainable material that comes from the earth, terracotta can be recycled, and has a warmth and beauty not seen in many other materials.

There is a definitive shift towards attributes such as authenticity, quality and longevity as people become more conscious of the genuineness and origin of materials going into their homes. People are also looking to use traditional materials in more contemporary ways. All these qualities are found in terracotta roof tiles.

Monier offers terracotta roof tiles in a wide range of profiles and colours from sleek, contemporary shapes, such as the Monier Nullarbor to the more traditional Marseille roof tile that adorns many suburbs of Australia. The extensive choice of colours available in terracotta roof tiles ranges from earthy reds and browns to sophisticated greys and blacks in an almost slate look.

The colour of terracotta roof tiles will never fade, unlike other roofing materials. That’s why Monier offers a 50-year performance and colour guarantee on all their terracotta roof tiles.