For their new Hunter Valley home, the Spagnolas chose a classic Hamptons style look, complete with clean lines and simple, traditional finishes. Slate-look terracotta tiles from Monier Roofing played an important role in achieving the owners’ design objectives.

Newly built on a new estate in Pokolbin called The Vintage, surrounded by wineries and a generous parcel of land around it, the house went through multiple design iterations to fit inside the block. Stacy explained that she needed a flat block because of the style of the home, and a large block because of the design. They had to revisit the design to get it onto the block.

The Spagnolas enjoy the surrounding space thanks to the location of the house on a golf course, right near the driving range.

Commenting on the massive size of the roof, Stacy said she didn’t want to get the roof tiles from different batches, opting instead to wait for a whole batch to be made by Monier. The slate colour of the terracotta roof tiles will never fade as it’s baked through the tiles, locking it in permanently, and preserving the look of the roof for decades.

According to Stacy, the colour is not just a glaze on the surface but goes straight through the tile, eliminating any risk of discolouration over time.

The key elements of Stacy’s Hamptons-look home:

Front screen doors

The traditionally-styled front doors of the Spagnola home are made of iron and glass. The inside panel of glass can be opened separately, allowing the breeze to come through during the hot summer. Stacy found the doors, complete with screens, from the Wrought Iron Shop.

Porthole windows

Stacy chose large porthole windows because of the generous size of the house, and sourced them from the US.

Slate-look tiles

The streamlined and minimalistic styling of Monier’s Terracotta Nullarbor tiles perfectly suited the home’s classical features.

Monochromatic palette

Grey and white were the hero exterior colours for Stacy, who chose Dulux’s Evening Dusk and Surf Mist as her base palette.