ModWood offers a range of composite products that are manufactured from recycled wood and plastic.

These wood composite products have the look and feel of natural timber; however they will not require the same level of maintenance. Wood composites do not need to be painted or stained are they are supplied in several colours that maintain their aesthetics for many years.

The range of wood composite materials includes:

  • ModWood Decking – available in 88 x 23mm x 5.4m long planks
  • ModWood Mini (Screening) – available in 68 x 17mm x 4.8m long slats
  • ModWood Marina Board – available in 137 x 32mm x 4.2m long planks
These products are available in a range of colours including Saraha, Black Bean, Jarrah and Silver Gum and in smooth and brushed face textures.

ModWood wood composite products are a natural selection for builders as they are easy to use and cut and drill just like timber, and as each length is perfectly long and straight it will not bow or warp meaning straight lines every time.

Using wood composites also means there is less wastage as there are no knots to cut out and no random short lengths to cope with.

ModWood is also supplied with a warranty and is the easy timber alternative for builders and home owners alike.