Moddex summarises the barrier requirements under NCC 2016 BCA Section D2.16, according to which a continuous barrier must be provided in various parts of a building.

Continuous barriers must be installed along the side of:

  • A roof to which general access is provided;
  • A stairway, ramp, floor, corridor, hallway, balcony, deck, verandah, mezzanine, access bridge or similar;
  • Any delineated path of access to a building.

A barrier should be installed if the trafficable surface is 1m or more above the surface beneath, in the areas listed above.

A barrier required under the above must be constructed in accordance with the table below:


1 Please note the heights are measured vertically from the surface beneath, except for stairways where the height must be measured vertically from the nosing line of the stair. A transition zone can also be incorporated where the barrier changes height from 865mm on a stair flight or ramp to 1m at a landing or floor.

2 The maximum 125mm barrier opening for a stairway is measured above the nosing line of the stair treads.

Please note that the above list and table is only a small part of the compliances detailed under NCC 2016 BCA Section D2.16 for barriers. The standard must be read in full to understand all of the compliances required to create a compliant barrier system.

The section views below show the Moddex Assistrail AR45 and the Moddex Conectabal CB30 systems respectively detailed to the compliance requirements in NCC 2016 BCA Section D2.16.


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