The water industry supplies the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors of the economy with water and wastewater services, including sewage treatment. Corrosive environments, such as those found in water industry facilities, require designers and specifiers to take extra care when specifying railing systems. By utilising appropriate materials, compliant handrails ensure prolonged safety for workers and mitigate liability risks for organisations.

Industrial Handrails for Water Industries: Guidance on Material Selection for Durability, Compliance & Safety explores a crucial aspect of industrial handrail design within corrosive environments—the importance of choosing the right materials. Water infrastructure is easily corroded from constant exposure to water, as well as harsh chemicals and high levels of acidity. These corrosive environments can cause rapid deterioration of metal structures, including safety railing systems, thus creating a safety hazard for users.

Moddex Tuffrail industrial handrail systems prioritise the safety of workers, pedestrians, employees, and site visitors, ensuring their protection in various industrial settings. Ordinary steel handrails are often unsuitable for corrosive environments, like salt air, acidic or wet industrial areas, which is why Moddex offers the Tuffrail range  in durable galvanised, aluminium and stainless-steel materials.

  • A rusted handrail is not only an eyesore, but it is also a safety risk.
  • Sustained vigilance and proactive maintenance become imperative to reduce corrosion and extend the lifespan of railing systems and other plant assets.

Download this whitepaper to delve into a crucial aspect of industrial handrail design within corrosive environments—the importance of material selection.


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