Mitten Vinyl Australia have been supplying and installing vinyl cladding for 25 years and are experts in their trade. Below are some of their main installation tips for vinyl cladding.  

Before installation vinyl cladding needs to be stored on flat ground out of direct sunlight. If there is no flat area without direct sunlight, ensure the ends of the packets are open to allow any excess heat to escape.  

Corrosion resistant nails or screws need to be used.  

Vinyl cladding needs to be able to expand and contract. Use the rollover nail hem on the nailing side to prevent tight fixing of the screws.  

To allow for movement, screw in the centre of the oval nailing slot using a nail punch to make extra holes if needed.  

A minimum 5mm space needs to be left in each J trim and corner post channel to allow for expansion.  

To allow for expansion of horizontal boards, use a floating overlap joint and do not seal the join.  

Screw holes must be made larger than the screw or nail to allow for movement when connecting astragals, vent pipes or other fixtures however waterproof the fixtures by filling the hole with silicone sealer.  

If installing the vinyl cladding vertically position the boards in trims and fix loosely at the top of the highest nailing slot to hang the board and install other fasteners in the centre of nail slots.  

Mitten Vinyl Australia are able to provide a set of detailed installation instructions for their vinyl cladding products by request. Please contact Mitten vinyl for further information.