Vinyl cladding from Mitten Vinyl Australia is a popular and economical choice for granny flats, helping investors and homeowners keep costs low when building or renovating this affordable accommodation solution.

A popular addition to a home, granny flats are in high demand with the increasing need for more affordable accommodation in urban areas. Investors and homeowners are building or renovating granny flats to increase rental income while providing low cost accommodation for extended families and students.

Requiring a relatively small investment, granny flats are addressing the problem of accommodation shortages in cities. Insulated vinyl cladding is being specified for the exterior of these granny flats for reasons such as versatility, ease of installation and affordability, helping keep construction costs low and maximising profits for the investor or homeowner.

Thanks to the excellent thermal properties of insulated vinyl weatherboards, the granny flat provides comfort for all seasons, keeping interiors warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The low ongoing maintenance of vinyl cladding ensures the granny flat will continue to be a great investment for years to come.