Mitten Vinyl Australia ’s range of vinyl cladding has been designed to suit difficult to maintain areas such as roof gables, whether these are clad with either vertical or horizontal vinyl weatherboards.

The Mitten D5 Vertical Cladding and the Cambridge Horizontal Vinyl Cladding avoid the need to repaint roof gables and ensure these will retain their appearance for the life of the board.

The superior weathering performance of vinyl products is ideal for these highly exposed areas.

The following are some of the features of Mitten’s vinyl cladding: 

  • Lightweight construction for ease of installation
  • Premium performance for wind resistance and weathering
  • Lifetime Warranty for your security
  • Long lifespan, easy maintenance for ‘hard to reach’ areas
  • Lightly textured finish for a ‘just painted’ appearance
  • Insulated foam backing available for energy efficiency
  • Available in a range of 10 colours