Mitten Vinyl Australia has manufactured a vertical eave board which provides a complete home system for hard to maintain areas such as eave linings under roofs and ceiling linings under verandahs. Features include premium performance against weather elements including wind resistance, a lifetime warranty for customer piece of mind, and a large range of finishes to suit all project specifications. The eave boards can be finished in a number of different colours including Ivory, Satin Grey, Ash, Lite Maple, Mist Green, Golden Sand, Frost, Bone, Sandalwood and Brown Stone.

The D5 Eave Boards come with a lifetime warranty and can be installed by Mitten Vinyl Australia. They also feature vented panels, a lightly textured brush finish, and are suitable for square or mitred corner finishes. The double profiles are 254 millimetres wide and 3.66 metres in length. All materials used are the highest quality and the most advanced technology is combined with 50 years experience to create high quality eave boards.