Mitten Vinyl Australia has developed an energy efficient, durable cladding system which includes a lifetime warranty and a 25 year anti-fade guarantee. Sentry acrylic foam back cladding features Fullback Thermal Support which not only keeps customers cooler in summer and warmer in winter, but also reduces heat loss by up to 20%. Energy efficient cladding also means customers spend less on air conditioning and is therefore more cost effective.

Sentry acrylic foam back cladding also features virtually seamless laps, matching trims, and a textured board which is insect and mould resistant. The roll-over nail hem increased wind resistance of up to 285 kilometres per hour, and has been manufactured to Australian Standards AS 4256.4. Sentry is so versatile it can suit any project specifications, and comes in eight Advanced Colour Technology finishes including Academy Grey, Annapolis Blue, Richmond Red, Heritage Tan, Grenadier Green, Chestnut Brown, Khaki Brown, and Aviator Green.