Belgium furniture manufacturer Kewlox wanted to develop a new range of furniture panels, so they selected Perspex Frost acrylic sheets for their colour and versatility.

Perspex Frost panels from Mitchell Plastics provided perfect inserts for Kewlox’s range of display units, storage units, cupboards and wardrobes that were constructed using materials such as laminate and aluminium. The translucency of the Perspex panels allows light to penetrate, offering a bright and modern look.

Developed for residential and commercial use, the frosted surface of the Perspex panel inserts was a significant factor for the designers as they do not show finger marks. The strength and impact resistance of Perspex panels also provides a safe and hardwearing alternative for domestic and commercial environments.

The large colour range of Perspex Frost enabled Kewlox to make their panels available in more than 20 colours including 9 colours developed especially for them.