Design company Slap Architects specified Perspex acrylic sheets to create a standout visually engaging look for the flagship building on the GippsTAFE Academy campus.

The newest of six locations for Central Gippsland Institute of TAFE (now known as Federation Training), GippsTAFE Academy lies in the heart of Traralgon in a prime location on the axis of two major roads running through the city. The client sought a visually prominent structure that was both welcoming and engaging for new students.

By specifying Perspex acrylic sheets, Slap Architects was able to create a visually distinct impact for GippsTAFE Academy; the building is now considered a landmark in Traralgon and the Gippsland area of Victoria, Australia.

The two-storey external facade feature is showcased largely on the two front sides of the upper structure. Perspex Green Tints 6600 and 6T98, as well as Perspex Clear were specified for the application with the transparent acrylic sheets creating a screen to filter natural daylight through to the building behind. When lit from inside at night, the entire facade illuminates the framework similar to a lantern effect.

All three grades of Perspex acrylic sheets have been installed as square pieces, placed randomly on two sides of the upper floor of the building. The 8mm thick sheets have been fixed into a joint metal framework to safeguard each edge.

Perspex acrylic sheets were specified for the application for several reasons including their excellent UV stability in demanding weather conditions; desired colour availability; lightweight nature and ease of installation compared to glass; and shatter-proof material providing the assurance that the facade will be further protected from potential vandalism and other damage.

Perspex is available in Australia from Mitchell Group - Laminates & Plastics.