Acryform Slumped from Mitchell Plastics is a long lasting and hardwearing clear acrylic sheeting which has a number of features which make it versatile enough for any commercial or residential fit out. The acrylic panels come in nine different designs including Ocean, Stormy, Rough, Corrugations, Low Tide, Blow, Sandstone, Checkerplate and Dreamtime. Customers can choose to tint their Acryform Slumped with Euro Clear or Commercial Green Tint to create a unique design, and is available in a number of sizes and thicknesses of 4.5, 6 and 10 millimetres.

Typical applications of the clear acrylic sheeting include partitioning of offices where privacy is required without blocking out natural light, decorative elevator and escalator panels, ceiling lighting effects and diffusers, retail fit out bulkheads, signs and columns, and a number of other decorative applications like bathroom panels, balustrade and vanity tops.

Custom graphics can be added by Mitchell Plastics such as three dimensional embossing of company logos, lettering and murals. As Acryform Slumped acrylic sheeting is tough and stable, acrylic lacquer enamel, sandblasting and vinyl are all acceptable techniques to use. Mitchell Plastics can custom make designs other than the standard nine available with a slightly extended manufacture period.