Interior designer Celia Cavanagh-Downs, from Greyer Design (Sydney), used custom printed sheets of EchoPanel recyclable acoustic panelling to create an innovative and functional wall mural for a new Melbourne office building. 

As each panel was printed with a slightly different pattern, when mounted together, the printed walls created a unique flowing pattern ideally suited to a busy office environment. EchoPanel for its ascoutic values.

EchoPanel wall panels are custom printed by Mitchell Laminates to a designer’s individual specifications and then can be mounted onto MDF panelling and installed by Darob Constructions.

EchoPanel recyclable acoustic panelling is manufactured from PET, using sixty per cen post-consumer waste streams and is a hundred per cent recyclable.

The acoustic panels are ideal for the following applications used in the following  applications:

  • Walls and Panel Walls and Pinnable Walls
  • Panels and Acoustic Panels
  • Partition wall systems, Acoustic Partitions
  • Screens and workstation panels
  • Ceilings and Ceiling Panels
  •  Soft floors