Mitchell Laminates  AliEdge Slimline55 panels were recently used for an ideal custom made room divider.

This solution required 2.7 x 2.6 meter AliEdge Slimline55 sliding panel, which enclosed an entertainment room, separating it from the hallway and adjacent kitchen.

Since AliEdge Slimline55 doors had been used in the kitchen, the client wished to continue this look, but at the same time add a new feature.

The concept was to create a room divider that looked more like a work of art, than a sliding panel.

The final solution used was AliEdge Slimline55 aluminium frame panels in high gloss Perspex Black.

A custom designed pattern was then printed in matt black on top of the gloss surface. The end result was a fine combination of gloss and matt finishes, which created an ideal look.

AliEdge Slimline55 doors also come in Perspex Solid Frost Black and White. Perspex Solid Frost offers an ideal frost finish with the ability to with stand finger marks.