The Deceuninck Lift & Slide system is a unique and innovative design solution that expands the interior space by integrating it with the terrace, balcony or garden outside.

An ideal design solution to accommodate changing desires, demands and requirements, the Deceuninck Lift & Slide system opens up interior spaces easily to the outside world. By doing so, the Lift & Slide system helps the homeowner create a spectacular living and entertaining area in an elegant and practical way.

While opening up the outdoors to the interior living space, Deceuninck Lift & Slide systems also make the extended space completely weather-proof, allowing the homeowner to enjoy nature through a transparent wall without being exposed to the elements.

The functionality of the Deceuninck Lift & Slide systems is further extended with a high-tech operating system that enables the homeowner to move unusually wide doors easily.

Technical Specifications

Deceuninck Lift & Slide systems can be configured to suit the needs of the application with the homeowner choosing the number, dimension and function of each section based on specific requirements.

These systems are available as two, three or four parts or in a combination of fixed and movable parts, in white or other decorative colours. The homeowner also has a choice of several glass thicknesses (maximum 38mm).

The highly-durable Deceuninck Lift & Slide systems can withstand hot or cold weather elements, rain and moisture, and provide the best solutions for architectural projects requiring wide openings.

Deceuninck Lift & Slide systems are available from Mint Windows and Door Solutions.