Miele has introduced CVA 2660, a built-in coffee machine, which combines convenient operation with elegant design to provide tasty coffee at home. Based on the NESPRESSO capsule system, Miele’s CVA 2660 offers 12 different blends including decaffeinated ones, at the press of a button.  

The display panel and the use of just two rotary switches make operating the Miele CVA 2660 simple. Behind the Miele’s CVA 2660 fascia there is an accessible storage unit with five chutes, each for up to four capsules, while spent capsules are automatically disposed of in a container.  

Coffee connoisseurs, who prefer a cappuccino or a caffe latte, can prepare their milk in a Cappuccinatore, a special closed glass container designed by Miele to froth the milk, ensuring splashes of milk are practically impossible. Shaking the milk is no longer necessary and the fine milk froth is automatically poured into the coffee from the Cappuccinatore. The Miele’s CVA 2660 is also easy to clean and hygienic.  

An automatic cleaning programme cleans the pipework with hot water when the Miele’s CVA 2660 is switched on or off. Accessories such as the Cappuccinatore, drip tray, grille and the container for the spent coffee capsules are all dishwasher-safe.  

The design of the CVA 2660 requires a 35 cm tall cabinet niche for installation. Further built-in variations are possible in combination with Miele’s new EGW 2060 warming drawer designed to accommodate up to 24 espresso cups or 15 cappuccino cups.  

The Miele CVA 2660 built-in coffee machine is available in stainless steel or aluminium designs.