Miele Australia presents the DGM series of kitchen appliances that cleverly combines gentle steam cooking with fast microwave heating to give you the best of both in a single oven. Ideal for space-challenged kitchens, Miele’s innovative steam oven with microwave allows users to cook in steam oven mode with the option of microwave mode to heat up food.

Both Miele DGM 6401 and DGM 6800 models generate steam using the same MultiSteam technology provided in all other Miele steam ovens. The oven ensures fast and uniform steam generation and distribution, thanks to a powerful (3.3 kW) external steam generator and eight steam inlet ports in the rear panel.

The microwave mode uses seven power settings to a maximum of 1000W, plus special features such as a QuickStart function for short heat-up times, and an automatic programme for popcorn.

A single composite programme alternates microwave energy with steam for various tasks such as maintaining the nutritional and flavoursome aspects of food items, gentle defrosting and uniform cooking, all without drying the food out. The operating instructions accompanying each DGM model contain several examples of the best ways to alternate between steam and microwave cooking.

Key features of the Miele DGM series steam ovens with microwave include a ‘sous vide' cooking setting, enabling the appliance to cook vacuum-sealed food at relatively low temperatures over an extended period of time; 75+ automatic programmes in the DGM 6401 model, and 150+ automatic programmes in the DGM 6800, conveniently accessed via the M Touch display, with the ability to compile and save up to 20 personalised programmes; four stainless steel cooking containers, a wire rack and a glass tray supplied with each model; and a cookery book with steam cooking recipes and a recipe leaflet focussing on microwave applications also provided. 

To meet the Miele life expectancy of 20 years even when exposed to steam, the inner cabinets in Miele units feature stainless steel construction. To prevent arcing and sparking in microwave mode, the appliance features silicone joints to effectively decouple the stainless steel cabinet from the stainless steel side racks.

The stainless steel Miele DGM 6401 comes with DirectSensor while the Miele DGM 6800 is available in stainless steel, brilliant white, obsidian black and mink, and can also be installed as a plumbed-in appliance.Buyers can also consider adding a Miele vacuum sealing drawer with the 45cm DGM model placed above the drawer, together filling a typical 60cm oven recess. The size of the cabinet, illuminated by long-life LEDs has been increased to 40 litres for user convenience by cleverly relocating the water container.

The Miele DGM 6401 and DGM 6800 steam ovens with microwave are available at Miele Authorised Retailers, Miele Experience Centres around Australia and the Miele shop online.