Miele Australia’s  new generation CVA 3000 fully automatic coffee machines with the NESPRESSO capsule system take operating convenience and ideal coffee results to the next level.

Miele engineering contributes to the coffee along with the NESPRESSO capsule system.

This presents coffee connoisseurs, the choice of 12 different types of coffee, including three decaffeinated varieties, to match their palate and their mood.

One example is espresso with its fine pour and foamy cream. The optimised Cappuccinatore offers the possibility of allowing the steamed milk to flow directly into the cup or separately into a small jug.

Whether the coffee preference is espresso, café latte or cappuccino that are strong and full-bodied, mild and balanced or decaffeinated, Miele Australia’s CVA 3000 coffee machines make operation simple.

All functions of the fully automatic coffee maker can be set on the display with a light touch on the sensor buttons. Here, it is possible to select the type of capsule, start beverage preparation or set the own programme such as switch-on and switch-off times, water hardness or own personal user profile.

Up to 10 connoisseur profiles can be programmed on the CVA 3000 coffee machines. This feature allows storing the personal quantity of espresso under the own name of the user. Naturally, the standard setting for all cups can also be changed as an alternative.

Choice continues with the way of coffee machine in the CVA 3000 series as Miele Australia offers both a built-in version, the 60cm wide CVA 3660, and the 50cm wide freestanding Miele CVA 3650 ST, ideal for countertops.

Both are available in stainless steel and feature CleanSteel finish, making it easy to clean the surface without special cleaning agents.