With asthma and allergies on the increase, Miele Australia has introduced two new laundry care products, the new Miele MedicWash W 3845 WPS washing machine and matching MedicDry T 4805 C tumble dryer.

Together with Miele’s MedicAir S 5280 vacuum cleaner, the new washer and dryer combination form the Miele MedicFamily which presents a comprehensive hygiene solution for Australian households with allergy and asthma sufferers.

These Miele appliances demonstrate Miele’s concern for and competence in hygiene issues as well as quality, style and longevity for which Miele is renowned.

The MedicWash W 3845 WPS offers a special Hygiene programme range. The Cottons Hygiene and Minimum Iron Hygiene programmes kill bacteria and dustmites while offering optimum wash results, even on items soiled by greasy ointments.

In addition, the First Wash Hygiene programme is designed to remove chemical residues often found on new items of clothing direct from the production process. Pillows Hygiene programme removes dustmites and dustmite faeces from pillows, critical items for allergy sufferers.

Additional rinse options remove slight detergent residues while a special temperature profile is designed to kill bacteria and dust mites. The MedicWash meets all the hygiene requirements for laundry care as defined by the German Asthma and Allergy Association.

To meet the demand of Australian households, the Miele MedicWash W 3845 WPS has the larger load capacity of 6.5 kg while a short wash programme option enables the wash cycle to complete in 45 minutes. There is a choice of both hot and cold water connections to take advantage of the installation provisions in many Australian laundries.

The Miele W3845 WPS has a 4½ star WELS water efficiency rating and a 4 star energy rating allowing users to save on precious Australian resources.

In addition, the Miele MedicWash W 3845 WPS and matching MedicDry T4805C are both equipped with Miele's patented HoneycombCare drum system.

In the W 3845 WPS MedicWash, good laundry care is made possible due to a water film that cushions the washing load to provide gentle laundry care. In the T 4805 C MedicDry, the HoneycombCare drum system creates air bolsters to cushion the tumbling laundry load to give gentle drying care.

The T 4805 C MedicDry dryer also has an air filter which eliminates dust, pollen, and pet hairs. This filter is complemented by special drying programmes and options to effectively kill bacteria and fungal spores. The T 4805 C MedicDry also has a large 6 kg capacity, perfect for making pillows and bed sheets safe for allergy sufferers to live with.

The new Miele MedicWash and MedicDry provide optimum hygienic and gentle laundry care and, together with the Miele MedicAir S 5280 vacuum cleaner, accommodate the special requirements of allergy and asthma sufferers by assisting them to improve their quality of life.

Summary - MedicFamily

  • Made in Germany
  • Unique HoneycombCare drum system
  • Designed for Australian requirements
  • Optimum laundry care solution for allergy sufferers
  • 6.5 kg wash load capacity
  • Fast programme running times
  • Comprehensive allergy solution