Metrix Stone & Tile is proud to offer a new, innovative Porcelain from Italy. Kerlite is a 3mm thick porcelain product that is available in sizes up to 1m x 3m sheets.

Kerlite is suitable for all commercial & residential projects, indoors and outdoors. Its technical specifications include being fire retardant, graffiti proof and scratch resistant. Kerlite has a smooth surface feel and comes in six soft modern colours and four natural stone colours.

Kerlite is produced in 1m x 3m slabs. It is also available in 4.9cmx100cm, 40cmx100cm, and 1mx1m sizes. Alternatively, Kerlite can be custom cut to any size, from the original 1mx3m dimension.

Kerlite can form shapes of straight or curved lines, as it can conform to a radius of four metres.

Kerlite, as the name suggests, is a product derived from its ceramic predecessors. But it is lightweight. Each 1mx3m slabs weighs 20-21Kgs, which is roughly the weight of an average tile box. It is, therefore, easy to transport.