T-Screen 9603 from Mermet is a double sided fabric that provides double efficiency. Outside visibility is optimised with the dark side of T-Screen 9603 fabric facing inwards, and solar radiation is reflected with the light side facing the window, for maximum heat protection.  

The regular twill weave of T-Screen 9603 screens solar radiation from all angles, providing a high level of glare control. T-Screen 9603 fabric filters up to 94% of the light rays, maintaining visual comfort at all times of the day, and preventing disturbing reflections on monitor screens. T-Screen 9603 fabric also reflects up to 94% of UV rays.  

For thermal comfort, the double-sided twill weave of T-Screen 9603 fabric reflects up to 66% of solar radiation, helping to create a pleasant environment all year round.  

T-Screen 9603 fabric can help to save energy and reduce building operating costs (airconditioning and heating) and greenhouse gas emissions.      

Manufactured from coated fibreglass yarns, T-Screen 9603 fabric has excellent mechanical resistance, allowing it to be tensioned, and dimensional stability in panels of all sizes.  

T-Screen 9603 fabric is unaffected by heat, non-flammable and easy to maintain. Labelled Oekotex Standard 100, T-Screen 9603 fabric contains no chemicals harmful to the health and safety of users.    

Designed for internal applications, T-Screen 9603 fabric is available in seven neutral colours with a 3% openness factor for glare protection.