When someone asks you what it means to contribute to the environment, you would automatically think recycling, planting trees and making the switch to solar power.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) predicts that the national outlook for the next few months is a warmer late winter to mid-spring favoured for most of Australia. In a recent report from the world's largest international multimedia news agency, Reuters, there are already clear signs of El Nino - a periodic warming of the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean - already developing.

With this scorching prediction in mind, how does one achieve a cooler home, without hurting the hip pocket and without harming the environment?

The idiom "killing two birds with one stone" has never been right on the mark. As the weather starts to warm up, so the does the increasing need to keep cool. 

Mermet Australia is a leading provider of environmentally friendly sun control fabrics designed to keep sun glare in tact, keeping homes cooler and creating more comfortable living spaces.

Mermet currently offer three Greenscreen™ sun screen fabrics that will save on energy and reduce the associated heating and cooling costs.
  • Vela Greenscreen™: softer fabric feel designed to create a blind with a fine textile look. Provides 3% more opaque view to the outside.
  • Vela Met Greenscreen™: designed to provide maximum reflection of solar energy, greatly reducing the need for air-conditioning and heating.
  • Quantum Greenscreen™: block up to 95% of UV rays with this PVC-free soft fabric with a metalised backing for maximum reflection of solar energy.
The Greenscreen™ eco friendly sun control fabrics can be used on:
  • roller blinds
  • roman blinds
  • vertical blinds
  • panel glides
  • skylight blinds
  • awnings
  • tensile structures
There are over 100 colours to choose from, complementing any decor and individual style.

Mermet's intelligent fabrics provide a functionality that is stylish and world class, available in various levels of transparency.