The new Mermet K2 dual sided intelligent fabric offers the best of both worlds, with its white backing offering outstanding performance. The dark side facing inwards provides great glare protection, while the white side facing out reflects a large proportion of solar energy for maximum heat protection.  

K2 is made from coated fibreglass yarns, and is listed on as an environmentally friendlier choice. It achieves significant reductions in the demand for air conditioning, reducing electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  

Mermet's PVC coated fibreglass fabrics, including K2, have recently received two certificates from the Greenguard Environmental Institute. The first endorsement, Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certificate confirms Mermet's environmental responsibility and indoor air quality achievements. The second endorsement shows that the Mermet sunscreen fabrics meet or exceed the stricter emission guidelines for Greenguard Children & Schools, taking into consideration the heightened sensitivities of school populations.  

As is the case with most other Mermet fabrics, GreenScreen K2 has been tested for volatile organic compound emissions, with the VOC concentration expected to be less than the amount specified by Green Building Council of Australia Green Star Office Interiors.  

K2 can be eligible to help projects achieve credits under several categories of the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star Office Interiors.

K2 is fire retardant, and is labelled Oekotex standard 100, containing no chemicals harmful to the health and safety of users.

Suitable for all types of internal blinds, K2 is available in two levels of transparency (3% & 5% openness factor) and seven colours, with a 2.5m width.