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    Acoustis 50 Fabric from Mermet

    Mermet Australia

    Acoustis 50 fabric from Mermet is an all-purpose architectural fabric that can be used for acoustic control, space layout, solar protection, and  light control. Printable, Acoustis 50 can be used as a communication and graphics medium.  

    Acoustis 50 fabric provides a light, gossamer-thin acoustic solution that is easy to fit to walls and ceilings.  

    Acoustis 50 fabric can be used in a variety of ways:  

    Tensile panel
    Acoustis 50 fabric can be used as a tensile panel with eyelets, on a profile or by inserting a spring and ring system. Its high mechanical resistance means that Acoustis 50 can be used on walls or ceilings. Acoustis 50 fabric can be cut to allow for air vents and lighting systems.  

    Acoustis 50 fabric can be stretched on a frame as a complete panel or as an architectural feature.  

    Fixed or rolled up, Acoustis 50 fabric, more particularly used in tertiary sectors, can improve the acoustic comfort in offices and open spaces. This application can provide an acoustic control and replaces a ceiling that would require the addition of a fibrous material.  

    Velum panel  
    Acoustis 50 fabric can be used as a velum panel, mounted with springs and tensioners or with adjustable fastenings. With this system, Acoustis 50 fabric can be used for solar protection or light control, or as a drape, where it adds to the acoustic absorption of the ceiling, notably in renovation work.

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