When you seek a polished finish for your tiling projects, look no further than MeTrim aluminium tile trims.

Specifically designed for use around windows and doorway openings, MeTrim aluminium tiling trims add a professional finish to tiling jobs while providing protection for tiles against damage from cracking and chipping. Additionally, tile trims also cover up any sharp or rough edges around tiles that may become a hazard.

Designed for the construction industry, MeTrim aluminium tiling trim profiles enable architects, builders, designers, tilers and DIY-ers to take any tiling project to the next level. Meeting both contemporary architectural needs as well as construction industry standards, MeTrim tile trims add a decorative appeal with a range of colours, shapes and finishes available to complement the design aesthetic of your tiling project.

When compared with other tiling trims in the market, MeTrim’s point of differentiation lies in its ability to provide the perfect finish around windows and doorway openings.

MeTrim’s trim profiles provide a shadow line detail for ceilings and skirtings, and a unique shadow line groove effect around windows and doors. This reduces the time and cost of installation while eliminating the need for architraves around windows and doorways, thereby, providing a cost-effective solution for any tiling project.

MeTrim aluminium tiling trims are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, offering an alternative to other tiling trims in terms of achieving the perfect finish, especially around windows and doorways.