Dumpmaster bin tippers, from Materials Handling offer portable, quick, efficient disposal of waste from wheelie bins to dump bins. This tipper does not have a large swing out arc. It lifts vertically and then safely tips forward. It has electro/hydraulic operation, a lifting capacity of 250kg and a choice of three lifting heights.

There is a choice of either 12v D.C. battery power or 240v power supply. The battery unit comes with an inbuilt charger that provides ample power for approximately 60 x 100kg lifts from one charge.

Variations available on the Dumpmaster bin tippers are larger and smaller capacity bin sizes, and different lifting heights to suit skip size. It can also be modified to lift and tip 205 litre drums. The bin tipper is supplied with a safety electronic door interlock switch and a disabling key switch to prevent use by unauthorized personnel.