Hush is a revolutionary new product from Materialised that improves the acoustic experience in commercial spaces.

The recently launched Hush acoustic sheer curtains have been designed for commercial environments with hundreds of hours spent by Materialised founder Gary Price and his team in the product’s development.

Hush sheer is a lightweight, translucent and acoustic textile designed to enhance the acoustic amenity of a space without having to use heavy drapes. Materialised specifically focused on areas with lots of hard surfaces and beautiful views, where acoustic walling was inappropriate and heavy drapes would compromise the vista.

Based on the same technology as Materialised’s perforated film product, Microsorber, Hush sheer offers a choice of three different patterns, Wavelength, Frequency and Soundcheck, in white and neutral colours to suit almost any space in a discreet way.

Hush sheers deliver excellent acoustic outcomes and are priced approximately at 40% of the cost of a fixed WhisperWalls solution.