Polished concrete Bench tops from Masonry decor provides kind finish for Kitchens,Laundries,Bathrooms, Bars,Shop counters and Tables .The Bench tops can be installed easily and Masonry décor supplies bench tops which can be personalized and suits individual décor.

Masonry decor creates bench tops with Terrazzo Finish or offers smooth coloured finish .Various other finishes are also available using Tinted Polyurethane .The combinations of colours used and finishes are endless.

Masonry décor bench tops are made with standard thickness of 40mm .These bench tops are made from Glass, granite,seashells, pebbles and coral materials .The sizes of these materials used range from 1-20mm and larger sized materials are placed in between on the request of the customers.

The average weight and thickness of Masonry décor benches are 40mm and 90% of masonry décor benches are made in the factory .Oxide pigments are used to colour the bench and different colours and types of cement are used in the construction of benches.