Markilux Australia  offers 893 triangular window blinds that are perfect for use on any kind of triangular window. These triangular window blinds are suitable for use with internal and external applications and offer a practical solution for angled and gabled glass windows, conservatories or openings.

893 triangular window awnings feature two heavy-duty track profiles and tensioning wires that drive two independent gas-pistons, ensuring optimum cover tension at all projections.

The unique patented clip on bracket system ensures that the Markilux 893 triangular window blind can be fitted horizontal and vertical at any angle. To keep the shade fabric clean there is an integrated brush system that removes debris from the blind.

893 triangular window blinds are available with Swela and Soltis fabrics and can even be tailor made to cover areas up to 5.0m wide with 4.0m projection.
Automation is an optional extra.