Recently, Mardeco International Ltd introduced a new trademark, ArtiTeQ to the New Zealand and Australian markets. For the past five years, Artitec has been a well known name in the New Zealand and Australian markets. However, the European leader of art hanging systems has changed its name to ArtiTeQ.

ArtiTeQ is a low cost, high quality, flexible, state of the art picture hanging system for the professional and DIY market. It is designed for paintings, posters, wall displays and other wall decorations in the home, apartments, museums, art galleries, antique dealers, universities, institutions, centres for the arts, offices and hotels. Artitec hanging system is a contempory, stylish alternative to conventional methods of displaying art.

Arti Click Rail is now available in Brushed aluminium. The Arti Click Rail is especially suitable for hanging wall decorations in residential and commercial interiors. This profile is used for walls and can easily be mounted by means of screws and fastening clips. With perlon wires and picture-hooks for various weights, your decoration can be hung on any desirable height and can easily be switched.

Mardeco now stocks this very popular wall fixed system in a stylish brushed aluminium.