Available from Marble Matters , Kalesinterflex is a 3mm thick porcelain slab that adds a new perspective to architecture and construction technology.

Able to be applied to plasterboard, gypsum, wallpaint, tiles, concrete block and kitchen splashbacks, Kalesinterflex porcelain slab allows architects, designers and builders to put new ideas into practice and create modern living spaces simply and cost effectively.

As it is only 3mm thick a single square metre of Kalesinterflex porcelain slab requires only 25% of the raw material used in a standard tile and its production requires just 8L of water per square metre, while a standard tile requires as much as 50L. Furthermore, its production has 20 times less gas and dust emission and 1000 times less CO2 emission.

Applied using a hidden clip system or with adhesive on construction, Kalesinterflex porcelain slab is available in 20 colours and either a honed or polished surface finish.