The PHT-140 powered hand truck by Makinex won the Best New Product during the HRIA Convention Gold Coast recently.

Introduced as a universal materials handling solution by Makinex in late 2013, the PHT-140 powered hand trucks can be operated by a single person without awkward or dangerous lifts, reducing the risk of back injury. Following its release in the market, the PHT-140 gained quick market acceptance, particularly in the hire and rental industry where safety is paramount.

Makinex entered the PHT-140 into the Best New Product Awards at the HRIA Convention for the unit’s unique ability to lift and load equipment weighing up to 140kg onto benchtops and vehicles.

National Sales Manager, Paul Weaver commented that Makinex won the award, competing against 15 high quality products.

Since its launch in late December 2013, the PHT-140 has undergone further developments to improve its design and functionality. In addition to the original hook and fork attachment, a strap frame and glass sucker attachment have been added to broaden the product’s utilisation across many applications.

Committed to the continuous development of innovations, Makinex offers products such as the dual pressure washer, a two-in-one wand and rotary pressure cleaner system, the jackhammer trolley, a tile lifting and floor demolition tool, and the floor saws range for cutting through concrete and asphalt.