Maintcomm Group  is an organisation that specialises in catering a wide range of products including roofers safety kits, neck wraps, safety vests and cool and heat vests. Maintcomm Group undertakes the supply of a wide range of work safety and person cooling products.

Maintcomm Group distributes the roofers safety kit that is ideal for various roofing and construction purposes. The kit is available with a 15 metre rope safety line, a manual rope adjuster, a 1.5 metre anchorage sling, karabiner, 2 metre shock absorbing lanyard, and harnessed with front and rear attachment. These components comply with AS/NZS 1891.1. and are packed in a quality kit bag.

Maintcomm Group supplies a range of safety vests such as Safety Vest Lime Yellow Reflective and Safety Vest Orange Reflective for various purposes. These exclusive vests help identify the person wearing the reflective vest even when there is no light around. The Safety Vest Lime Yellow Reflective and Safety Vest Orange Reflective are available in Large to XXL sizes and other small sizes as well. These vests comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4602 – 1999 Class D/N.

Maintcomm Group distributes a wide range of cool and heat vests and neck wraps. Arctic Heat (R) Back Wrap, Arctic Heat (R) Cool Vest Blue, Arctic Heat (R) Cool Vest Yellow and Arctic Heat (R) Neck Wrap. Arctic Heat (R) Back Wrap is used to ease the discomfort caused due to back pain. The back wrap is easy to wrap around the back with a Velcro strip. The neck wrap keeps heat stress under control reducing the temperature of the body and helps stay comfortably even during summer.