Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing  have opened new franchise offices in Tasmania and New Zealand. In addition to their existing 10 franchises throughout Australia, Magnetite Windows have recently established franchises in Burnie, Auckland and Wellington.

Adrian Lafleur, Managing Director of Magnetite Windows said, “The decision to expand into the Tasmanian and New Zealand markets is part of our commitment to growing the business throughout the region. These three new locations fit with our strategy of taking Magnetite to places where affordable window insulation is becoming a necessity for homeowners.”

The window system from Magnetite Windows insulates against heat and cold with the added benefit of significantly reducing energy costs.

“For Magnetite’s new Tasmanian and New Zealand locations, the ability to reduce heat loss and insulate against the cold will resonate with customers. All three franchises have been very well received in their local areas. I think many people are undertaking affordable upgrades to their homes at the moment.”

As urban areas expand and city living increases in density, noise pollution has become one of the largest contributors to lack of sleep and stress.

“Noise from outside the home penetrating through windows is one of the biggest complaints from our customers. Insulation from noise created by infrastructure such as roads and airports is a regular issue but we are also seeing noise from urban living such as neighbours, pubs and hotels as a growing concern.”

Magnetite Windows utilise innovative technology to provide insulation from outside noise and heat or cold. An optical grade acrylic panel attaches magnetically to window frames, creating an air tight space, which protects against noise and maintains a constant temperature within the home.

Magnetite is unobtrusive, easily removed for cleaning and available in a range of colours to ensure the aesthetics and view of the window is not compromised.

Ben Lafleur and Adrian Lafleur started Magnetite Windows over 10 years ago in their garage in Sydney. They first saw the product in the North America, at a time when this type of insulation was in its infancy and traditional double glazing was almost the only option for window insulation. They anticipated the enormous potential in Australia and now have 12 franchises across Australia and New Zealand.