Sleep habits of people the world over are taking a beating from busy lifestyles. A recent study of sleep patterns revealed the disturbing fact that one in three Australian adults struggle with their sleep. The study also suggested a third of the respondents wake up feeling unrefreshed at least several mornings a week.

The effects of sleep deprivation on human health are widely known; however, an eight-hour sleep schedule continues to evade most people. Among youngsters, lack of sleep is linked to their inability to disconnect from the digital world while noise pollution is a regular cause of disturbed sleep among many leading to exhaustion in the morning.

Reverting to a natural sleep cycle by sleeping when it’s dark and waking up at first light is a sure-fire way to the good health path. However, it is not always easy to make this a routine. Switching off artificial lights that come from smartphones, tablets or computers before going to bed could lead to a better night’s sleep since artificial blue lights from electronic gadgets interfere with sleep hormones and disrupt sleep. Waking up slowly to natural light will give a refreshed feeling after a good night’s sleep.

The rising urbanisation has created a noisy environment and is considered as a major cause of sleep disruption and irritation. The World Health Organisation’s research on the Burden of Disease from Environmental Noise identified noise pollution as a cause of severe sleep disturbance; the report particularly singled out noise from road traffic and aircraft for triggering heart disease and high blood pressure.

Installing double glazed windows instead of single glazing is a reliable method to immediately reduce noise and create quieter rooms. Double glazing can also help to create a more comfortable and consistent room temperature for better sleep. Most experts agree anything over 23 degrees Celsius or below 12 degrees Celsius is likely to disrupt sleep.

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