Magnetite Retrofit Double Glazing has launched a permanent presence in Newcastle by opening a display at the Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) Home Inspirations Centre in Mayfield West.

Hunter residents can now easily access superior and more affordable double glazing for their windows. According to Magnetite Franchisee, Barry Clendenning, with the ever-increasing awareness of window double glazing, it made sense to show the entire range of Magnetite in one place.

Customers can now see each window type offered by Magnetite. The display also has a noise box that allows the buyer to experience the difference the Magnetite system can make in any space. Mr Clendenning is also preparing a thermal display so customers will be able to feel how Magnetite limits heat transfer and reduces air infiltration. 

Four years ago, Mr Clendenning installed Magnetite retrofit double glazing system at New Lambton’s Blackbutt Hotel for business owners, Terry and Troy O’Connor as part of their renovations with excellent results. 

Troy O’Connor explains that they wanted quiet, comfortable rooms, even with the band playing downstairs. Magnetite was an obvious choice that has paid off for the hotel.

Magnetite is a retrofit double glazing system that gives windows both acoustic and thermal insulation. It works by adding a secondary glazing layer to an existing window, enabling the resident to receive all the benefits of double glazing, without the hassle and expense of replacing the windows. 

Magnetite retrofit double glazing system provides a cost effective solution for noise reduction, thermal comfort and energy efficiency in the home or office.