Magic Door Industries  group involves in supplying accessories including photoelectric cell protection, inductive loop detectors, battery back up and PIN number access products. Magic Door Industries distributes a wide range of electronically controlled open-closing mechanisms, activation and communication equipment for use in a mix of domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Magic Door Industries presents photoelectric cells that are designed to prevent gates to be closed when the vehicle is moving. These photoelectric cells allow gate automation to react and stop immediately in such situations. Magic Door Industries offers photoelectric cells that are available for both sliding gates and swing gates.

The inductive loop vehicle detectors are available in PD130 and PD230 series supplied by Magic Door Industries. These detectors provide free exit and can be used for barrier gates, automatic gates and automatic doors. The detectors supplied by Magic Door Industries are reliable as they allow accurate vehicle detection.

Battery backup from Magic Door Industries allows for the automatic operations of the gate even during failure of power supply. Battery backup gets recharged automatically once the power supply returns. The products from Magic Door Industries provides with a lot of comfort for the every day life.

The PIN number access from Magic Door Industries provides a secured environment. This wireless technology is reliable for entry and exit without the correct number or code is highly impossible. This mechanism is very much important in an office environment.