New from Paqworks is a 3G/HSDPA wireless IP Camera system for remote monitoring. With high quality IP Cameras from Mobotix remote monitoring is possible for sites where traditional wireless or wired internet access is not available.

The changeover from CDMA to HSDPA has enabled many new application possibilities due to the higher bandwidths.

Typical applications include construction sites, wildlife observation, remote property, road congestion and covert video surveillance. For short term applications the ability to communicate over the 3G network eliminates the reliance upon Ethernet or internet networks.

Systems can be pre-configured and set to individual requirements with plug and play deployment. For sites with difficult access to power, solar power may be integrated. Mobotix cameras have a low power consumption (no more than 3W).

Mobotix IP cameras provide a high picture resolution. Up to 12 times the clarity of traditional analog CCTV systems. Each camera has a rugged design with IP65 rating and require no additional housing or heating.

Models can feature dual lenses with IR sensitive imager producing exceptional low light, black and white images. Cameras come with a standard 1.3 megapixel resolution and have internal image storage and file management systems.

The complete wireless IP camera system is available from Paqworks Industrial Data Communications.