Mobotix AG, represented in Australia by Paqworks , is an innovative system provider of megapixel, network IP Camera video security system technology.

Network cameras allow the transport of video and audio data through digital computer networks rather than through coaxial cable like the conventional analogue cameras.

Digital transfer also makes it possible to overcome the limit of 0.1 megapixels on image resolution from analogue cameras resulting from the use of the television standard and move it into the megapixel range.

One among the major technical innovations of Mobotix is to shift intelligence from the central control unit, where it is usually held in video security systems to the camera itself by integrating software for image creation, image analysis, event control as well as recording management. This decentralised system architecture that makes megapixel technology possible and profitable.

Mobotix is currently offering network camera systems with this kind of software-based, decentralised system architecture.

In addition to the network camera, Mobotix offers a complete video management software solution for video surveillance systems.

Over 120,000 Mobotix cameras are currently in operation throughout the globe. Areas of application for the cameras range from individual users in the private sector to applications in the public sector to complex applications in major enterprises operating worldwide.

Mobotix AG sales have grown at an average annual growth rate of around 40% to EUR 23.6 million in the last three fiscal years. The increase in sales in the last 2006/07 fiscal year totalled 47.3%.

The EBIT margin has increased in the last three fiscal years from 11% to its most recent level of around 17.6% (corresponding to EBIT of EUR 4.2 million).

According to a study by IMS Research, Mobotix consequently holds the fourth major market share of network camera manufacturers worldwide.

In the EMEA region, Mobotix comes in second place. Mobotix has been producing megapixel cameras for years and ranks as a global market leader in high-resolution systems with a market share of over 60%.