New from Paqworks is the Mobotix M12 rugged IP camera for harsh environmental conditions. Mobotix cameras feature IP65 rating allowing installation in outdoor areas with no additional heating or housing required.

Mobotix IP cameras provide a detailed image at a resolution of 1280x960 (1.3Megapixel). Maximum frame rate is 30fps running at 640x480(VGA). Dual sensor lens provide automatic switching between day and night vision. Minimum illumination for the M12’s start at 1.0 lux in colour and 0.1 in black and white.

Devices include built-in microphone and speaker allowing two way audio. Support for Power over Ethernet(PoE) enables the cameras to be powered through the data cable, reducing installation costs.

Advanced features include a comprehensive alarm management system with pre/post alarm images sent by email or ftp. Alarms can be triggered by built in video motion detection with definable motion fields, passive IR, audio, temperature and illumination. Alarms can also trigger actions such as doors opening or closing using digital I/O.

Recording software provides a solution enabling surveillance, recording and monitoring of many cameras from a central control platform. Every individual Mobotix M12 IP camera features a built in web server and can be viewed from a standard web browser through any LAN, WAN or internet connection.