Mabon's Timber Protection Australia  is specialised on providing effective timber protection products including insecticides and fungicides. Mabon's Timber Protection Australia supplies ProtecTimber, an active ingredient is elemental boron. It has a unique property as it is a naturally occurring chemical with inherent fungicidal and insecticidal properties.

ProtecTimber is a water-based, boron formulated product. It can be applied by dipping, spraying, painting or spot injection. Once applied to the prepared timber surface boron transfers progressively into the water contained in the timber.

If boron is not leached, it remains totally active and protects the life of the timber in service, both protecting against insect attack and fungal decay. Mabon's Timber Protection Australia also supplies a chalk like white boron rod. It is a fungicidal wood preservative, ideal for timber from bio-deterioration. These rods can be inserted into pre-drilled holes above the ground line of all timber posts and poles.

The chalk like white boron rod from Mabon's Timber Protection Australia is commonly used across the nation by local government, railway, road and electric power authorities to protect bridges, fences and other suchlike wooden or timber structures.