When you think of big brands like ‘Apple’ and ‘Microsoft’, you think of the founders – Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Behind every successful company, there is always a highly skilled team. These men are only part of the company, behind them sit a team of designers, manufacturers and labourers.

M-Elec has become the preferred name in lighting throughout Australia and over the coming month, it will share ‘The People Behind M-Elec’ and what sets it apart.

The company started humbly from a small shed at the back of a the family home. Tim Mobbs began producing small single light emitting diode packages, which were mostly utilised in automotive applications and hobbies.

But Tim developed LED stripping by importing custom strips, modules and power supplies from Germany. Tim’s father, Geoff, was brought in to design and produce an aluminium profile with opaque diffuser.

M-Elec became the first manufacturers in Australia to supply a LED package of strips and aluminium with a high lumen output and low power consumption.

The first D15 wide beam LED downlight was designed when SMD LED chips began to produce higher lumen outputs. By applying his electrical expertise and knowledge, Tim knew that a LED downlight needed three main criteria to be successful – design, function and trust.

These criteria are still invested into every product M-Elec produces and releases. It has become known throughout Australia as one of the top lighting suppliers. The company now has more than 200 product lines and is set to release a large range of new fittings, exclusive to them and their designs at the beginning of next year.

As director, Tim strives to produce and distribute high quality products that people will purchase with complete trust in the brand.

“M-Elec is more than a company for me, it’s a brand that I want people to eventually associate with the ‘Apple’s’ and ‘Osram’s’ of the world. Anyone can import products, but it takes a lot of time, energy, knowledge and passion to produce products people want,” he said.

“I strive to create the niche products that people want. I’m very excited about our new products coming out. They will get people excited again about LED technology!”

General manager Jessie Groom’s expertise is finance and she has worked for a variety of industry leaders in Australia. Jessie has guided the company to huge growth throughout 2012.

“Poor financial control has seen many companies struggle, or worse, collapse in the recent years of the GFC. We didn't want any of that! I have never seen a company grow so rapidly and consistently. Lots of companies grow spasmodically, but not many can maintain consistent growth in tough times and I am proud to be part of it," she said.