M-Elec Pty Ltd is supplying their new DDFS driver with every B12 LED downlight. Designed and built from the ground up, M-Elec’s new ML-PS300DX2 DDFS driver comes with a range of new and improved features including faster assembly, improved dimming, absence of flicker, dual fixing system and long lifespan.

Faster fit-off time

Featuring a semi-clear terminal cover with a larger area for terminating and for any earth loops required, M-Elec’s new DDFS driver allows for instant viewing access of terminations and cables while also offering pre-defined snap-out sections for those who prefer to hardwire. The new features also enable quicker inspections and easier assembly when cable terminations are finished.

Improved dimming range

The new ML-PS300DX2 driver improves M-Elec’s wide and smooth dimming range, ranging from as little as 1% to 100% while keeping a linear dimming pattern. The new driver is compatible with most dimmers on the market.

No flicker on automation systems

The ML-PS300DX2 driver is capable of working with automation systems such as CBUS (Clipsal). The DDFS driver has the ability to work on a dimming channel without other units and eliminates the need for any ‘dummy’ loads to prevent flicker in an ON/OFF state.

Dual fixing system

Featuring M-Elec’s unique Dual Driver Fixing System (DDFS) that allows the installer to choose between various mounting positions, the ML-PS300DX2 is installed vertically off the heat sink to improve heat transfer, enabling the driver to sit isolated from any insulation material. The alternate method of fixing now allows for two screws to be used to install the driver to battens or trusses without the need to remove the terminal cover.

Longer lifespan

The ML-PS300DX2 LED drivers incorporate new improved circuitry coupled with Long Life Rubicon capacitors to enable long life with the lowest fault rate.