TITAN from M-Elec Pty Ltd is a new range of LED light fittings designed to suit installations in tough environments.

A suitable replacement for conventional fluorescent fittings, TITAN LED light fittings reduce power consumption by half and are available with sensors to help save another 70% of energy. Available in a range of models, TITAN LED fittings feature strong ABS vandal-resistant exteriors, an IP65 rating and up to 40W of LED power.

The TITAN will also be available with upgrades such as the new microwave sensor, which operates from the inside of the fitting and reduces light output to 30% in standby mode, saving even more money while offering sufficient light for security.

Available in both 0.6m (20W) and 1.2m (40W) versions, the TITAN range will not only save money in running costs and maintenance but will outlast standard fluorescent fittings for years to come. 

M-Elec Pty Ltd will also introduce the emergency version with optional sensor kit in October.