The new range of C20 and C30 LED downlights from M-Elec Pty Ltd follows the success of the D1590 fittings and incorporates the three key elements of design, function and trust.  

The new LED downlights are ideal for applications requiring higher light outputs with the efficiency of LEDs.  

The C20 and C30 LED downlights feature a recessed face and contoured lip to keep the ceiling smooth and consistent. M-Elec has also re-used the opaque diffuser on the front of the LED fittings to maintain pleasing aesthetics when in use or when turned off. 

Built to provide high functional value, the LED downlights offer high lumen output with the ML-C20 providing 1800 lumens in warm white and 2000 lumens with cool white. The ML-C30 offers 2800 lumens in warm white and 3000 lumens in cool white if more light is required.  

In addition to high-lumen output, offices, shops and commercial premises also need high CRI (colour rendering index). Both models in the C-Series provide high CRI levels of more than 90, placing the LED downlights way ahead of many competitors.

The ML-C20 and ML-C30 LED downlights are designed for easy installation with the C-series kits consisting of flex and plug, cut-out guide, instructions, powder-coated white trim and dimmable electronic drivers.  

The drivers have terminals large enough to fit 2 x 2.5mm cables while the downlight heads have quick-connect plugs for simple installation.  

Optional accessories:  

  • DALI/DSI dimming/control 
  • 316 stainless steel trims 
  • IP54 weather protection rating 
M-Elec offers a full 2-year warranty on the C-Series LED downlights. All products are comprehensively tested by various trades and services before being brought into the market.