Energy efficient products, in particular LED lighting strips, from M-Elec Pty Ltd were used to improve the sustainability of a recently refurbished beach house on the Sunshine Coast.

Tim from Mobbs Electrical says about the design and installation process; “The lounge room features exposed beams on a raked ceiling, therefore M-Elec’s ultra bright LED lighting strips and aluminium housing were installed to complete a simple installation in a challenging environment. This ensured the clients would obtain more light than the minimal light output from a few spotlights. Complete control of brightness wasn’t an issue as the strips were then installed on a V-dimmer.”

For the kitchen, laundry and pantry areas, cool white LED strips were used to make the chrome sparkle with that extra clean feel. LED strips were also used for the wide boarded verandah and ‘vergola’ roof due to their versatility and simplistic installation attributes.

“Due to the square edges on the aluminium, its matte finish and the opaque diffuser, you can’t tell its actually a light fitting- it looks like part of the construction” Tim explains.

At the owners request to reduce the risk of trips or falls, when walking down the stairs the last tread hovers off the ground with a smooth white light underneath it. The stone pathway is illuminated in patches using the ML-WALL-C (mounted into the timber screening) providing enough light to see but not spoiling the ambience of the stone and timber features. The outdoor pool area also featured LED wall lights with colour changing waterproof strips as highlights to add to the aesthetic of the pool.

The owner of the Sunshine Coast beach house states; “We were very impressed with the practical use of the flexible LED lighting strips within our home. The brightness of the LEDs exceeded our expectations and was easy to tailor to our needs for each area. We found the versatility and economy of the LEDs ideal for every situation.”