Efficient houses are becoming increasingly common with the cost of electricity, fuel and even food expenses all rising. M-Elec can help customers reduce their energy consumption with energy efficient lighting, such as the innovative ML-D1590 energy efficient downlights.

M-Elec recently fitted a newly constructed house on the Sunshine Coast with its energy saving solutions. The ML-D1590 was a major product used throughout this modern chic styled house.

One of the onsite electricians for Mobbs Electrical, Mark, says about the ML-D1590; “The energy efficient downlights were simple to install. I liked the style of the downlight and the completed finish. They looked great whether on or off.” 

M-Elec’s UPDOWN exterior lights were installed at the front of the house to compliment the property’s architectural features.

Builder Ty Wilson comments on the effectiveness of the lights’output: “It’s a long way for the light to travel but it does it well, especially in the 3m raked ceiling areas, these lights are surprisingly bright for the small consumption they use.”

Wall lights, wall mounted DOWN light and other feature lights, were used to create a comfortable atmosphere throughout the residence.

Hallways and stairways used the ML-WALL-S to create a soft pattern of light and bring out the timber used for the stairway. The ML-CEIL product was used for glass cabinetry which highlighted the crystal and antiques.