M-Elec Pty Ltd introduces a one-of-a-kind ‘one box’ LED lighting solution for homes.

M-Elec’s 1BOX-90 LED downlights offer the flexibility to change between three outputs in automatic mode by simply turning the downlight off and on quickly. Alternatively, the user can set the desired colour temperature and lock it in with the manual mode. No special wiring is required for this downlight.

Featuring a patent-pending built-in controller, the 1BOX-90 LED downlight allows the user to change from Warm White (3000K) to Neutral White (4000K) to White (6000K) light outputs. Using a single downlight, the homeowner can create the right ambience for different activities ranging from, for instance, watching television or dining to helping kids with the homework.

M-Elec’s 1BOX-90 LED downlights offer more variety than any other downlight in a single package. Key benefits include flexibility to change the mood of the room at will; convenience of having six downlight variants available at the time of installation; and value for money by reducing the amount of stock one needs to carry.

M-Elec’s 1BOX-90 is supplied with two trims (White and Brushed Aluminium), power supply (with flex and plug) and integrated controller all packed in one box.