Plumbing Concepts and Designs (PCD) has changed its name to Luxe by Design in a move to better align its brand with its product offerings. PCD is Victoria + Albert's importer and wholesaler in Eastern Australia.

Recognising a trend in Europe for luxurious bathroom products featuring leading-edge designs, PCD saw an opportunity to offer similar high quality products in the Australian market. 

Luxe by Design has moved beyond plumbing fixtures to focus solely on luxury bathroom products such as the innovatively designed freestanding baths by Victoria + Albert. 

According to Luxe representative Michael Swyny, the Luxe brand will better represent the company’s future approach, products and market focus, concentrating on premium quality bathroom and lifestyle accessories that incorporate modern design. Luxe will continue to provide exceptional customer service and support. 

Importing and distributing a range of exclusive luxury European and Australian bathroom fixtures, Luxe by Design, founded in early 2000, works with brands such as Victoria + Albert, TECE, INDA, F.lli Frattini and Nero Ceramica.